Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

Although pest control products are readily available on the market today, many consumers are unaware of the dangers that Do-It-Yourself products present. Inexperienced use of these chemicals can lead to severe injuries, ongoing health issues, or even death.

When you need the best pest extermination products on the market – products that are safe for your employees, your family, and your home – call the experts at AARD Pest Control! We can offer you a full line of everything you need, and the instructions on how to use it. Our company carries a wide inventory of safe pest control products including but not limited to:

• Air Fresh Deodorizers
• Baits for ants and cockroaches
• Baits and repellants for moles and gophers
• Baits and traps for rodent control (rats and mice)
• Bed bug monitors and covers
• Insect monitors
• Pesticides for spiders and most insects
• Products to eliminate or trap: flies, bees, wasps and yellow jackets
• And more…

Hire Professional Pest Control Specialists

If your Do-It-Yourself effort is unsuccessful, AARD Pest Control will credit your AARD DIY purchase up to $75 to use toward our full-service, professional technicians. We want to give you more options to safeguard your home or business, and we strive to do it for less!

If your problem is small, and you can handle it safely and effectively, that’s great! However, most of the time, in our experience, infestations are not small and need true professionals. Our technicians at AARD are certified and trained to safely handle and disperse the right chemicals that purge pests from your home or business without further harm to the structure or any human person within the area.

Pests with red elimination icons over them to symbolize the pest control services of AARD Pest Control in Lynnwood, WA

Call 425-776-3662 or submit our form to schedule an appointment with one of our certified professionals for a free inspection of your home or commercial property.

*Restrictions Apply. Call for details. Crawl space, attic, bed bug, and real estate sale inspections not included.