Eliminate Spiders

Spiders are generally harmless creatures that feed on other vermin within your home however, dangerous spider species such as the brown recluse and black widows pose a significant threat to you and any pets or children you may have. These spiders’ venomous bites are particularly powerful and painful; their bites can even cause severe infections or death in young children, the elderly or small animals within hours.

Female spiders from these particular species can lay hundreds of eggs, leading to a full-blown infestation of dangerous proportions. Call AARD to schedule a thorough extermination from one of our professionals to kill and neutralize these dangerous insects. Our technicians will clean out existing webs from nooks and crannies in your home where spiders love to nest and hide.

Spider webs are surprisingly sturdy and trying to knock one down yourself while the spider is still in it can inadvertently bring you into close range of the spider’s bite. Your safety is imperative to us; let AARD handle all your extermination needs for you.

Other Insects

Not all insects pose a threat to you, however, many insects can pose a threat to your personal belongings. Insects like silverfish and moths like to feed on materials found in common products, like your clothing or the paper in your books. Some of these insects will even feed on leather or synthetic fabrics during famine.

Although they may not pose a threat to you, they pose a significant threat to your furnishings within your home. Don’t hesitate to call AARD professionals who will effectively exterminate or remove these harmful insects from your home or residence.

silverfish crawling on a rock

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