Eliminate Bothersome Roaches

Roaches are one pest that is universally hated around the world. Roaches are incredibly resilient creatures, capable of withstanding nuclear radiation, living up to a month without food, and surviving several days after decapitation.

When roaches get a chance to feed, they’ll eat virtually anything, including wallpaper and leather sofas. These pests can also reproduce fairly quickly with some species’ females being able to reproduce on their own without males. Roaches lay several eggs at a time, hiding them in crevices throughout your home or business.

These nasty critters also leave oily secretions on dishes and counters when they scavenge food. These secretions are responsible for nasty bacteria and cause typhoid fever, diarrhea, food poisoning, and even bubonic plague. Roaches prove difficult to poison as sensitive taste hairs on their legs can determine whether food items they’re interested in consuming are poisonous or not.

Despite their resilience, AARD will eliminate these critters for you using a combination of techniques depending on the severity of your home or business’ infestation. Sometimes repeat treatments will be needed to eliminate the current infestation.

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