For termite control, AARD Pest Control will rid your home of termite colonies, keeping the foundation of your property safe. Find out more about termite colonies and our pest control services.

Exterminate Termite Colonies

Some areas of Western Washington are susceptible to subterranean termites and damp-wood termites. Both types require different treatment approaches to control the colonies. Untreated termite infestations can severely damage the integrity and value of your home or business. The termites infest any part of your property that's made of wood, creating tunnels of colonies. The tunnels consist of elongated tubes made of wood and other material termites scrounge together. These tubes can be found growing along the base of your home's foundation, or sometimes they can be found hanging from the ceiling or other locations. Although you can easily knock them down, the termites adapt quickly by either rebuilding the tube or by starting an entirely new junction from what was destroyed.

How to Permanently Eliminate the Entire Colony

Both types of colonies require different treatment approaches for complete termite control. An AARD professional will recommend a proven treatment for your home or business, including options like moisture control or breaking earth-to-wood contact.

If you have a problem with termites, don't hesitate to call us! The minute you notice termite colony tubes around the base of your property or emerging from the ceiling, we'll take quick and easy steps to make sure the termites are gone forever. Remember, immediate action is necessary to preserve the structure, foundation, and financial worth of your building.

To help the preservation of your home, AARD Pest Control will ensure complete termite control of your property. Contact us today at 425-776-3662 or fill out our contact form to schedule a FREE inspection!

*Restrictions Apply. Call for details. Crawl space, attic, bed bug, and real estate sale inspections not included.